Welcome to your Reiki level, one training, certification, and attunement

This page has all your training materials including Audios, Videos and your PDF workbook! Take your powerful Reiki I Certification in the order the content appears on this page below and get started right away! 

Please check your email inbox for a warm welcome email from me. It will contain the link to this page where you can continue to access your training materials and a special invitation to the LIVE Reiki Attunement on Zoom!

Receiving your Reiki Level I Attunement is a powerfully healing experience that is a requirement of receiving Reiki level I certification. 

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I eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to ensure you take inspired action to fully embrace all the enriching experiences your Reiki Level I Certification has to offer.

  1. Begin by watching your welcome video to your Reiki Certification to dive into the healing power of Reiki and how to get the most out of it:

2. Reiki Learning Audio:

3. Start reading your manual while you go through the Reiki 1 learning 

4. Reiki Level I Meditations Video:

5. Reiki Level I Working with Cho Ku Rei Video:

6. Reiki Level I How to Give A Reiki Treatment Video:

7. Self-treat with Reiki in the Emerald Chamber of your Heart Guided Meditation Audio:


8. You will be invited via email to a life changing light filled Reiki Level I Attunement LIVE on Zoom for FREE.  

Receiving your Reiki level I Attunement is a mandatory part of being certified in Reiki Level I.

Once you have received the attunement Live on Zoom and completed all of the audio, video and PDF Resources, right here on this page, you will have completed your Reiki level I certification!

I highly recommend that you do whatever you can to be able to join this empowering game changing attunement and Q&A live!

Check your emails for your personal invitation! You will receive this email invitation within a few days of registering!

9. Bonus Video: Reiki Flow and Glow Yoga Class with Reiki Shower:

10. A beautiful certificate is included in your free Reiki level I certification.

First, you must complete the training and receive the live attunement! The live attunement is offered every two weeks. You will be emailed your special invitation to join live on Zoom. 

Once you have received your Attunement your certificate will be emailed afterwards.

Reiki Level I is the start of a life-changing journey of empowering your inner healer! Discover how you can activate your quantum healing powers and deepen your mastery on your Reiki journey by obtaining your Reiki Level II and Master Certifications here:  https://usuireikicertification.com/level2andmaster/

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I am here to support and guide you every step of the way, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or reflections you may have.